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Why your man should get a beard

Posted by Arnab Roy Choudhury on

It's nothing new that a bearded man is the trend. It is one of the ultimate showcases of masculinity that makes some women weak in the knees, just like Hrithik in his He deodorants ads. There's just something about the facial fuzz that that can get a woman every time. A beard that's not too long (picture Albus Dumbledore), and not barely visible like Michael Cera, but that heavy stubble that's just perfect.

Sorry Tiger Shroff, but your dad looks more amazing when he struts out with that stubble. Even a decent five o' clock shadow can transform any geeky and scrawny guy into a rugged hunk. And if he's already good looking, you may just conveniently forget about that three-date-rule!

Guys don't need to carry a deo for men to smell masculine, just rocking a beard will give him all the masculinity he needs.

1. Beards = Badass

Beards in the olden days symbolised prestige and power. A beard was also a symbol of honour; great men such as ‘Otto the Great' always swore by his beard if he was serious about anything. Even the great Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut wore a beard, and she was a woman!

2. A Beard Is Good For The Skin

You may think that under his beard is a land of ravaged skin, but it's quite the opposite. Under that bushiness is a blemish-free face! Pimples are oftentimes the result of everyday shaving as it irritates the skin and may cause bacteria to spread. His beard also protects him from those bitter winds while he rides on his hog.

3. A Beard Is Better Than Anti Wrinkling Creams

"You look older with a beard" are the words uttered by almost every mother and girlfriend who is pro-clean shaven. But what you didn't know is that beards help you look younger! According to a recent research, a beard blocks up to 95 percent of the sun's UV rays!

4. That Sophistication Though!

A survey says that a man with a beard can look as much as eight years older than those who are clean shaven. So you can looks more mature, without looking haggard or weary — bring on the ladies looking for mature men!

5. Instant Masculinity

It may be cliche, but it's well proven that the more facial hair a man has, the more masculine both men and women think he is, So ladies, if you're into that macho look, just tell him to skip the shave for a week, and voila!

6. It's Now Trendy

Maybe it's because of the growing popularity of No Shave November, or because the ‘lumberjack look' is in right now, more and more men are checking in with their doctors to grow thicker beards, and even prescribed medication that stimulates beard growth as well as beard transplants!

7. Bearded Warrior

There's a reason why Leonidus had a warrior beard. A study published last year in found that bearded men appear more intimidating. Only you will know that he's a big softie on the inside, so you can feel safe walking down the street with him on a dark night.

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