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How to Perfectly Line Your Eyes

Posted by Poonam Jain on

Eyes are said to be the windows to one's soul and this perhaps, truly captures their significance as a body part and how they can completely transform one's look with the slightest of changes. That is not to say, that other body parts are not as important, but the eyes are the most exposed part and ones that anyone can see. That might be perhaps, that when makeup was invented, people, or women in particular chose to focus on the eyes and lips more than anything else. There are so many ways to make one's eyes, one can change the shape, make them bigger or smaller, more intense or upturned, all with the help of makeup.

One of those tricks, which help one make their eyes even more beautiful, is lining one's eyes. Using eyeliner is also maybe the first thing, which women really learn, since it can be included in those basic steps, which don't require that much time or expertise. Lining the eyes is one of the most basic of steps when using cosmetics and an eyeliner can give one a dramatic look without taking too much time or effort.

And in today's time, there amount of options that one has in this area is truly staggering. There is the waterproof eyeliner, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and even colour liners in red, green, white, purple and more.

And with that, there are also a number of different ways, that one can apply this liner. It might take some time, to steady the hand, however once that is done, it can be treat to create and experiment with new looks. Whether one is going for a more soft and subtle look or a smoky and dark look, one can play around with it all.

For the beginners though, there are some tips that one should keep in mind, when using eyeliner, they are:

1. Choosing the Eyeliner:

This is the first step, and one can browse through the many brands available in the market. For instance, L'Oreal and Maybelline, is considered to be a good brand since it gives quality products at a budget price.

2. Select the Texture:

There are a lot of different textures to choose, the pencil eyeliner gives a smokier and smudged look, where the liquid liner can give a sharper look. Based on what the entire look is, one should select what type of eyeliner to apply.

3. Apply Primer:

Eyelids have a tendency to get oily and this can ruin the eyeliner. Thus, one should make sure to apply a bit of primer to the eyelid. This will control oil and keep the makeup intact.

4. Dot the Eye:

When starting out, one can use this method of dotting the liner all over the eye and then connect it, instead of trying to create one single line. This will create a more polished look.

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